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Vero Beach-Living in a Warm Climate

Maybe you love where you live, with its four distinctive seasons, affording a break from summer’s heat and providing varied venues for outdoor entertainment. But as you grow older (or not so much older), the dream of summer all year round may become an obsession.

Imagine a place where your closet is full of shorts and cotton, short sleeved shirts, floppy sunhats and flip flops. A raincoat has replaced your parka, and rubber boots, your mukluks. It takes you two minutes to get dressed in the morning instead of five. An air conditioner is parked in the spot that used to house your furnace. The only skis in your sports closet are for water, and no one here has heard of ice skates. No getting up 20 minutes early to shovel snow from your vehicle and driveway and salt the walkway. Fresh flowers are yours for the picking 12 months of the year, and your own fruit trees supply you with a wide variety of healthy eating.

If this all sounds like Paradise, you are very close to the truth! Many places qualify for the title of Eden, but as always, there are a few things to consider before you pack and move to one of these. Here are a few important to items to look at:

  • There is such a thing as too much heat. This is will be an individual judgment, but think about how well you handle heat before heading to a more equatorial clime. Air conditioners can break down, and it would be a shame to waste all that sunshine by not going outside, so make sure you can take the heat.
  • Climates that are great for sunbathers are also ideal for lots of insect pests, snakes, etc. If you can’t handle the sight of snakes, for example, perhaps urban dwelling is your solution.
  • Some minor health issues to be aware of include maintaining a good weight for your frame; this will aid you in feeling most comfortable for travel, work and activities in your chosen destination. Be aware of the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and learn how to prevent these. As well, check with your doctor before your move to find out if your medications will need to be altered in your new climate.

People have lived happily and healthily in your new destination for many generations, so tending to these precautions ahead of time can ensure your long term enjoyment of it too. Settle into your new home. It’s easy enough to fly to Colorado if you miss snow that much.